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Alocasia Amazonica


The parents of this plant have an Asian origin, however the Alocasia amazonia’s birthplace was in Miami.  


Give it bright indirect sunlight- That means very close to a window that does not receive sun rays). A morning sun window would be perfect. The bright light will ensure that the eaves stay healthy and green. Rather place it where it receives a little bit of direct sunlight than to keep it in a too dark space.  


A moderately warm growing environment (15-27°C) will be good. 

Long periods of cold temperatures (below 15°C), will induce a dormancy period in this plant and no new leaves will emerge. Don’t stress if this happens, when spring arrives and temperatures get warmer again, the growing season will start and you can watch as new leaves unfold. During warm months new leaves can unfold as much as one per week!  


Feed your plant regularly (every two to four weeks) during the growing season (spring to summer) with a liquid fertilizer.  A good (and easy) alternative for a weak liquid fertilizer is to use slow release granules that you can spread on top of the soil. These will continue to feed your plant for the months to come. Remember not to use too much fertilizer as it can burn the leaves and cause a salt build-up in the soil.  It is not necessary to fertilize during the winter/ cold months.  


Water your plant frequently as this is a water loving plant. They will naturally grow close to a water source where their feet can be moist.  

During winter, however, do not water frequently as this is not the active growing season, but don’t let the soil dry out completely. Water it once or twice per week. 


Maintain moderate humidity with this plant to maintain the healthy bright foliage.  

There as easy ways to do this. As plants grow they transpire. This is a proses where water leaves the leafs as a vapour. If lots of plants are huddled up close tighter they will create their own humidity through the transpiration of the plants around them. A. Second way to increase humidity is to let the plant sit on a few pebbles inside the tray and Let water sit in the tray without letting the plants roots sit in water. The excess water in the tray will up the humidity around the plant. Another option is to place the plant in a bathroom as these rooms normally have high humidity. 


In nature these plants will be cleaned regular by rain spells and therefore you should clean the leaves now and then as they collect dust particles from your home. Not only does the leaves look glossier after a clean, but it also helps the plant to photosynthesis more effectively and therefore lusher growth will be the result. 


A well-aerated, organic soil that drains well will be best 


It is not necessary to re-pot you plant right away. Re-potting is advisable when the plant outgrows the pot and root starts growing through the drainage holes. If you have to re-pot, do it during at the onset of the growing season (spring).  

Remember to re-pot in into a bigger size pot with drainage holes for excess water to drain out so that the roots do not stay wet and rot.  


Alocasia amazonica can be propagated through dividing during re-potting in spring. Remove the offset gently with some of the roots and re-pot in in a pot.  


These plants are toxic and should be kept away from curious children and nibbling pets that might ingest it.  


You do not need to prune this plant. You can however, remove old and dead or damaged leaves. Make sure to use clean tools to remove leaves to make sure that no diseases are transmitted.