Plants and Pots! Gift the gift that keeps on growing.

Our Story

Who are we?

We are an online, indoor plant shop based on the farm Aan de Doorns, just a few kilometers outside of Worcester. Hektaar. Plants was founded in 2020, with the aim of bringing the happiness of owning, growing, and learning more about plants to our fellow plant lovers. We strive to grow sustainably and build our brand without disrupting our vulnerable earthly resources.

Our products.

Our priority is to grow and sell high quality indoor potted plants. The plants are packed with care and delivered to our customers' door. 

It's that simple.

About me, Wilmé.

I grew up on the farm where Hektaar. Plants is based. After my studies at Stellenbosch University and a short career in the table grape industry, I returned to my roots to spread the happiness that indoor plants brings me. This is where I established Hektaar. Plants. As a Plant Physiologist my great passion is the physical, chemical, and biological functioning of plants. I hope to provide new and trendy indoor plants, with fun scientific background, and insightful plant care tips.

Why the name Hektaar. Plants?

Hektaar translates to hectare (ha) in English, which is a metric unit of square meters. It is mostly used to measure areas of land.

We chose a name which represents the patch of earth that we call home on the farm. It is a rich, fertile piece of land which we wish to treat with the utmost respect through sustainable agriculture. Hektaar also represents small beginnings such as this business and our Afrikaans heritage. 

We hope our plants will bring joy to many homes.


Plant love